Nathan Brutsky
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After emigrating to his new adopted home, Israel, Nathan put to good use all the experiences and studies to realise many projects and to become in little time one of the countries most important artists.

Nathan Brutsky considers that two elements must concur in the creation of a work of art. First, the power to project expression using technique, style, and quality. Secondly, the capacity to feel joy and elation while contemplating one of his works. To this end, Nathan has no problem accomplishing his goal, for his works provide a breath of gaiety. His compositions are embedded with vibrant colours and overflow with festive atmospheres. His grand subject matter radiates directly to the observer who cannot help but feel an air of divineness, all while admiring the originality of his work and the extent of his accomplishments.

Nathan did not arrive at his present standing in the art world by chance, for his deep and thoughtful research has led him to present his vision through the use of pyramidal shapes and forms where the composition is laced with energy and balance. The subjects are built in massive symmetrical forms displaying featureless personages in varied settings and situations.

Brutsky’s personal signature technique, beholds a symbolic force that leaves the observer in awe and appreciation of the work at hand. The finished works of Nathan Brutsky have a powerful force of attraction in their strength and intensity, as well as by their impeccable beauty.